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MAA On-line Payment Policy:

MAA is no longer offering a selection to pay by check on line:

1.) When registering on-line - you must use a credit card.

2.) If you need to pay by check, please attend one of the several walk-up registration options available.

3.) ***NEW & IMPORTANT!! If you do not pay when registering, registrants will be placed on a Waitlist. Waitlisted registrants are not eligible to be placed on a team once the season begins. E-mail reminders will be sent to the guardian about being on the waitlist. If you are placed on a waitlist, you can do the following:

a.) Login to your account and choose the Pay Now option under the My Account page. Once payment is made, the registration team will remove the registrant from the waitlist and make them eligible to be placed on a team.

b.) Contact Rich Webb at   or Greg Neiman at to make payment arrangements. Once you have made payment or made payment arrangements, the registrant will be removed from the waitlist.


MAA Program Refund Policy:

If a child decides not to play after registering:

1.) You are entitled to a full refund (including Volunteer fee) if a uniform for the child has not yet been ordered.

2.) If a Uniform has been ordered, there is a $25 fee from your refund.

3.) After opening day, there is no refund.


MAA Volunteer Fee Refund Policy:

You are entitled to recieve a maximum refund of your $100 Volunteer Fee in the following categories:

1.) $25 refund for every 2 hour shifts worked at the snack stand with maximum of $100 refunded

2.) $25 refund for every 2 hour shift worked at field maintenance days with a maximum of $100 refunded

3.) $50 refund for Baseball or Softball Assitant Coach (In-House only)

4.) $50 refund for Baseball or Softball Team Parent (In-House only)

5.) $100 refund for Baseball or Softball Head Coach (In-House only)

You are only entitled to receive a maximum refund of $100 regardless of how much volunteering you do. The MAA Treasurer will provide 3 separate days in which volunteer refunds will be reimbursed in person. You must come to one of those volunteer refund events or contact the treasurer at MAATres21@gmail.com to make arrangements inorder to receive the refund. You forfeit your refund if no contact is made by June 30th of that year's spring season.


MAA 3rd Child Discount Policy (Spring Baseball & Softball, Fall Street Hockey):

When registering more than 2 children to play at MAA:

1.) You are only entitled to a discount on the lowest program fees that you have selected for your 3 or more children. You MUST sign up your children from highest program fee to lowest program fee in order to receive the discount. 

2.) Any discount issues should be referred to Greg Neiman at