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Play Ball for Free at MAA!!
by MAA Webmaster posted 01/01/2021


Play Ball for Free at MAA

Raffle Pick-Up at the MAA Snack Stand during games!!


Pick up your play for free raffles today at the MAA Complex during Field Maintenance Day! Read below to learn how to play for baseball and softball for free at MAA!!


* How do I play for Free?

For any program in which you register your child to play for, and pay in full, you will receive $5 raffle tickets that you can sell to earn back the program cost. For example, register your 10 year old for Minors Softball for $125 and receive 25 raffle tickets. Sell each raffle ticket by Father's Day for $5 each, and keep the proceeds. You just made back your program fee! Half the raffle tickets goes to the buyer, the other half gets turned into MAA. You can turn in your sold tickets at the snack stand during games throughout the season, but only up until Father's Day, 2020.


* What about the Volunteer / Family Fee?

Some programs at MAA require an additional Volunteer / Family fee in the amount of $100 per family. You will not receive raffles for this fee however, you can earn this back several ways:

- $100 for Volunteering to be a Head Coach
- $75 for Volunteering as an Assistant Coach or Team Parent
- $25 for every 2-hour shift you work in the Snack Stands - during games and tournaments. 
- $25 for every 2 hours you volunteer for during Field Maintenance day. 


* I registered online, how do I get my raffle tickets?

If you already registered online or plan to do so, you can either:

- Pick up your raffle tickets during any of our walk-up registrations.
- Pick up your raffle tickets during Field Maintenance day.
- Pick up your raffle tickets at the snack stand during the games throughout the season.

Any questions about the raffle ticket program can be directed to 

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